Explosives Detection Products

Unique Technology

The core of 6th Wave’s explosives detection technology is a patented detection method based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). Our nanotechnology is capable of selectively sensing and capturing microscopic amounts of explosives or other molecules that are dangerous for humans and the environment, e.g. toxins, chemical agents, biological agents, pesticides, poisons, and explosives. View the short video below for a demonstration of our products. NOTE: there is no audio.


Explosives Detection Polymers

The key to our nanotechnology is the preparation of the polymer. Each formulation of explosive detection polymer is specially imprinted with the molecular shape of the substance targeted for detection. This provides a receptor site that is highly specific because other molecules don’t fit and therefore do not set off a detection indicator. Multiple polymers are then combined into a single solution that has the capability to detect all specific substances of interest. 6th Wave’s explosives detection polymers are robust, stable and resistant to a wide range of humidity, temperature, acidity and alkalinity factors. Additionally, these polymers are inexpensive, safe to produce and can be sprayed, printed or spin-coated into commercial devices for the detection of a wide range of substances, compounds and biological agents.


Explosives Detection Wipes and Sprays

6th Wave Explosives Detection Wipes and Sprays have been specially formulated to provide rapid detection of explosives and provide a simple colorimetric indicator for the user.


  • Work on a wide variety of explosives, precursors, and multi-agent explosives
  • Detect trace and bulk amounts of substance
  • Detect commercial and homemade explosives
  • Collect and retain explosives particles for forensic analysis
  • Work complementary to electronic systems
  • Can use on all surfaces, including hands, plastics, fabrics, metal, etc.
  • Can use anywhere, anytime without machinery, power, maintenance, or calibration.
  • Can customize to meet specific customer needs
  • Easy to use, reliable and convenient with minimal training
  • Non-toxic
  • Low cost


Deployment Scenarios

  • — Large/Special Event Screening –Support K9
  • — Aviation/Mass Transit/Parking Facilities
  • — High Security Check Point -Border Interdiction
  • — Threat Analysis/Diagnostic-Screening
  • — Advance Party Clearing and Screening of Route/Area
  • — Critical Infrastructure Clearing and Security
  • — Random and Discretionary Screening
  • — For Cause Screening and Analysis
  • — VBIED/PIED Screening
  • — SWAT/EOD Integration – Bomb threat plus active shooter
  • — Intelligence Gathering
  • — Post Blast Investigation
  • — Probable Cause for Search Warrants/Investigation
  • — Quick analysis for First Responders


Subset of Explosives Detected

— Explosives
  • TNT
  • TNB
  • Tetryl
  • TNP(Picric Acid)
  • UreaNitrate
  • Ammonium Nitrate (and associated compound explosives)
  • 36 compound explosives including one or more nitroaromatic or inorganic nitrate
  • Potassium Chlorate
  • Potassium and Sodium Perchlorate
— Under Development
  • RDX
  • HMX
  • PETN
  • Peroxide based explosives (TATP,HMTD, etc.)

Additional capability can be developed to meet customer needs.