Pathogenic Amine Detection System (PADS ™)
– Our existing technology demonstrates the ability to create a colorimetric change in the presence of the amine.

Observed color change in DMF in the presence of cadaverine .

Visible color change in PADS can be seen at FDA limits for meat spoilage

  • —PADS™ that has been exposed to varying amounts of cadaverine.
  • —The cadaverine solution was added and the mixture was intermittently shaken at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  • —The concentration of cadaverine in spoiled meat that indicates spoilage is 50 ppm and correlates with bacterial counts .
  • —The reaction time is nearly instantaneous.

Diagnostic levels of these amines in BV are at levels 10-40 times higher than food spoilage.

View the video below for a demonstration of the visible color change with PADS™.