IXOS® Will Save on Gold Recovery Costs!

IXOS® vs

Activated Carbon for Gold Extraction


  • Potential for saving over $100 per ounce

  • Increased gold recovery (no loss to AC fines or solution loss); recent field tests showed as much as 10% more gold recovered, with essentially zero solution loss

  • Higher capacity and selectivity translates to smaller plant and lower cost of operations

  • No significant performance changes through many cycles

  • Demonstrated to be highly effective with preg-robbing ores

  • One step elution at low temperature and standard pressure

  • NO regeneration/reactivation


The vast majority of gold mines currently use coconut-based activated carbon (AC) for recovery of gold from cyanide leach solutions. These mines typically use carbon-in-pulp, carbon-in-leach, and, to a lesser degree, carbon-in-column systems to extract gold. While these systems have been perfected over 100 years of use, AC has inherent limitations. Capacity for gold adsorption is highly dependent on the metallurgy of the ore, quality of the AC, pH of the pregnant solution, and other factors.

IXOS® nanotechnology shows stable and predictable performance across a wide variety of conditions. Gold capacity and selectivity remain significantly higher than AC regardless of the presence/levels of other base metals. Moreover, superior mechanical strength over AC allows for virtually 100% gold extraction with no loss to fines. The IXOS® beads don’t become poisoned with other base metals; they fully elute; and are re-usable for dozens of loading and unloading cycles.


IXOS® Makes it Cheaper and Easier

Projected Impact on Industry:
lower costs, much higher profitability

In Preg-robbing ore, IXOS® recovered 30% more gold for resin-in-leach application

IXOS® vs Activated Carbon

Key Performance Improvements


Key Advantages of IXOS®

  • Smaller ADR Plant/Lower CAPEX (~30%)

  • Significantly lower OPEX (~60%)

  • Purer Doré bars

  • Low temperature elution


  • Eco friendly
    • Lower water usage
    • Recyclable elution chemicals
    • Lower power requirements
    • No toxic airborne emissions

  • IXOS®-AuC
  • IXOS®-HgC

  • Extraction of Gold and Silver from cyanide leach solutions
  • Extraction of Gold from chloride lixiviants


IXOS® Under the Microscope

IXOS® Process Diagram

6th Wave designs polymeric beads that can separate metal ions from one another based upon the metal size, shape, charge, and speciation in aqueous solutions

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