A-TIER Training and Consultation Services

In addition to fast, accurate and reliable detection and identification capabilities, 6th Wave is dedicated to supporting your organization in identifying proactive measures and solutions that allow you to stay ahead of evolving threats and close identified gaps through our available training and consultation services. These “ proactive” concepts are often the most difficult as it requires an organization to expend resources, countering an event that has not happened yet. 6th Wave is well positioned, with our National and International partners, to provide you with manageable ideas, concepts, capabilities and training that positions your organization for long term performance and capability improvements. “Eating the elephant one bite at a time”.

6th Wave, and our team of global parters have adopted “A-TIER” approach to providing your organization with the products, services and support to improve performance and address contingencies.

A - Awareness
T - Training
I - Integration
E - Evaluation 
R - Review

This process provides your organization with the flexibility to focus on key topics or critical gaps, by allowing you to select one or more A-TIERs that contribute to your objective. Or, the option is available, to use all five A-TIER’s to holistically address a desired end state capability or performance improvement objective.  

The five TIERS we use to support you are:

AWARENESS: Sometimes we just don’t know, what we don’t know. Simply having knowledge of potential threats, available equipment, existing capabilities and training programs, will open pathways to implementing successful solutions and improving organizational performance. 6th Wave, is dedicated to bringing you awareness and informational programs that provide a four dimensional understanding of the issues.

TRAINING: The most critical piece to performance and capability improvement is training. Train early, train often and in depth. Providing operators, managers, supervisors and executives with the best intellectual toolkits, allows your organization to quickly and successfully adapt to evolving asymmetrical threats and environments. 6th Wave will assist you in identifying, developing and implementing training solutions with a focus on improving capability performance. We use a variety of platforms to address your organizations specific needs. From the boardroom, to the classroom, to the field; 6th Wave is your “Go To” training solutions provider.  

INTEGRATION: While knowledge is power, knowing is only half the battle. Being able to successfully, economically and seamlessly integrate policies, procedures, capabilities, training and equipment into an organizations day to day operations, is often a greater challenge. Time, space, logistics and finances all impact an organizations ability to integrate new initiatives and improve performance capabilities. Everyone wants the 100% solution implemented right away. Unfortunately, this is frequently an overwhelming task resulting in the status quo being maintained instead of the desired change We believe that solutions or segments of solutions can be implemented one piece at a time (Small steps to success).   A 25% improvement this quarter and a 25% improvement next quarter, equals a 50% improvement in preparedness, capabilities and performance. 6th Wave, is positioned to help your organization successfully integrate new equipment, training and capabilities with minimal impact to your organizations day to day operations and allow you to improve performance objectives one step at a time. The enemy is constantly evolving!

EVALUATION: Making sure that the performance or capability improvement measures, integrated into your organizations day to day operations, are achieving the desired result, is critical to long term success. Simply providing training or implementing new tools or policies is not enough. Did they make an impact? Is the organization more effective? Are operator capabilities improved as a result? Continuing to perform tasks, enforce policies, use equipment that is not improving performance or making your organization more effective, capable and safe, could be catastrophic. Those who wish to do you harm are constantly evaluating the way your organization works. Looking for gaps and exploitable areas of weakness. 6th Wave will evaluate implemented solutions. Whether they are of your own design, provided by us or other third parties. The goal being, to determine that your integrated solutions are being used, are effective, do not detract from day to day operations, are affordable, have not created unintended consequences or opened vulnerable gaps and ultimately, meet your desired performance and capability objectives. We provide evaluation support via several methods. From policy review to individual scenarios to large scale exercises. We will ensure, that you get the information needed to continue, change or abandon current operational policies, procedures, equipment.

REVIEW:   Regardless of the policy, TTP’s or equipment solution, careful and periodic review is instrumental in staying ahead of the threats. The threat changes and adapts constantly; so should your organization. What works today, may be ineffective or a potential weakness tomorrow. Organizations need to be willing and able to evolve and adapt or they risk becoming vulnerable or obsolete. 6th Wave will provide you with periodic reviews of training, capabilities, equipment, policies and procedures to help you stay ahead of the threats.

6th Wave Innovations Corp offers “A-TIER” training and consultation services for the following areas:

    • MIP based Nano Sensor product integration and operational training
    • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) (Awareness, Response, Defeat)  
    • Current and Emerging Threats (National and International)
    • Homemade or Improvised Explosives (HME/ IE) (Threat, Awareness, Identification)
    • Clandestine Labs (Explosives, Narcotics, Chemical Agents, Biological Agents)
    • Threat Detection Equipment, Capabilities and Training
    • First Responder Considerations (Police, Fire, Medical, Security)
    • Global Insurgent Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s)

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